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There is something about the Keys…

I remember my first time riding south on the Overseas Highway. I counted the mile markers with growing excitement as the landscape evolved into a seascape decorated with tacky storefronts and fishing boats.

Moving from Florida City into the Keys the pace of things slows, going from hustle to something short of sluggish. The place has changed little since my first trip, now 20 years ago.

This time I took the kid and I could hardly contain my glee as he did his own mile marker countdown. We snorkeled off Key Largo, his first time bathing in the warm green waters.  We perused the local art on display at the Rain Barrel. We had ice cream at CJ’s. And we poked around the waters edge, scattering the fiddler crabs.

Having a child allows you to experience the fantastic parts of life all over, and although I have always loved the Florida Keys I don’t think I ever connected with the area like I did with my Kid in tow.