Ponder. Conspire. Digitize.

My head is swimming a bit today. In a semi-random occurrence, I was selected to assist with President Obama’s visit to Kennedy Space Center.

I also received a call about a Naval Reserve Application package I submitted. I thought the application was dead in the water but they (the NAVY) called and asked if they could resubmit it.

Then there was the follow-up call about a proposal I submitted for an online marketing plan to the City of Daytona Beach (they are totally interested, very cool).

Oh and then here I am processing thoughts about continuing my education to obtain my Ph.D., and the hoops I have to jump through to make that happen.

But I have a pile of homework to do, a messy house, and a soccer game coming up for the kid.

It all shakes out to be organized chaos. My mother tells me that I would not have it any other way and that I have always been one to take on as much as possible, sometimes more.

On this full-day, I can cross one annoying chore off the list, the laundry. It is the thing I absolutely hate the most. I sort out our clothes and take just enough for us to get through the next week to the laundromat where they wash and fold for $1 a pound.

No, I cannot add hours to my days, but I can rest easy knowing that each week the kid will have enough clean underwear to make through.

I can honestly say it is the best $15 I spend each week. Thank you, laundromat people.