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The best $15 I spend each week

Dancing at the laundromat

Dancing at the laundromat,

My head is swimming a bit today. In a semi random occurrence I was selected to assist with President Obama’s visit to Kennedy Space Center.

I also received a call about a Naval Reserve Application package I submitted. I thought the application was dead in the water but they (the NAVY) called and asked if they could resubmit it.

Then there was the followup call about a proposal I submitted for an online marketing plan to the City of Daytona Beach (they are totally interested, very cool).

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She was married the first time when she was 13 or 14 years old. She was born in South Georgia to Olie and Albert. And at last count she was married five times to four different men.

She passed away about six years ago now.  I love her, and I miss her.

Alice was my grandmother.

She possessed a restless sprit and an infectious laugh.

Her ability to laugh and make others laugh more often than not allowed her to cover any pain she may have harbored.

Chrissy Clary is ready for a new adventure. Any suggestions?

I was born into a large Southern family, fueled with cheese grits and dramatic stories of adventure and love: A great grandfather who ran white lightning, a grandmother who put passion before all else and a cousin with a proven strong right hook.

I have been feeling my own restlessness welling up lately.

I posted on Facebook a question, “Chrissy Clary is ready for a new adventure. Any suggestions?” After a quiet summer day watching the hummingbirds fly, and wondering if I should follow their lead, I was looking to the masses for help. But it was a small voice that grounded me.

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