Ponder. Conspire. Digitize.

As marketing becomes ever more tech-enabled with things like personalization, marketing stacks, and AI, we have an unlimited number of tools and resources available, but seeing the forest for the trees is a growing struggle for marketers.

The work I do puts me precisely when words and technology collide, and I find no shortage of problems to solve and things to talk about; still, I would like to know what others are struggling with today - maybe we can get through the new marketing-normal together.

Understanding the nuance of a conversation and learning to weave a robust digital dialog into a marketing campaign is critical for communication professionals.

I have relaunched ChrissyClary.com to focus on conversation design, UX design, digital strategy, ethics, data, marketing technology, creativity, and marketing in the new normal.

Those interested in striking up a conversation can leave me a message below.

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