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Ted Talk, How to Manage for Collective Creativity

A DCG, we talk a lot about creative talent and the need to build a community of Digital Communicators who can support each other and work together to solve the challenges we collectively face.

Harvard Professor of Business Administration and author Linda Hill backs up that idea in her Ted Talk, How to Manage for Collective Creativity.

In the talk, she discusses the idea that creativity is not a solo act and reinforces the idea that innovation is the result of perseverance and collaboration. It is a journey. She also squarely puts the leadership of an organization on the hook for building and nurturing creative environments if they want innovative teams: “

Leading innovation is about creating the space where people are willing and able to do the hard work of innovative problem-solving.”

Creativity is not magic (sorry Elizabeth Gilbert) even if it feels that way. It takes hard work and a strong community of diverse opinions and talents to come up with innovative, original ideas.