Ponder. Conspire. Digitize.

Hi. I'm Chrissy Clary

Experienced communications and design leader with 20+ years of experience.

I built my first website using Microsoft Frontpage in 2001 and my first chatbot in 2020 using IBM’s Watson Assistant.

I started my career in communications and conversation design in the United States Navy. I was, somewhat randomly, assigned to the Public Affairs Office at Naval Hospital Jacksonville and told to build a website.

So I did.

What followed was a career focused on websites, the Internet and communication design.

An undergraduate degree followed my time in the Navy, leading to a position as Communications Director and Tourism Liaison with the local chamber of commerce in Central Florida. Working with local government, I learned the delicate art of bringing different people and ideas together to identify requirements and achieve a collective goal.

The writer in me was nurtured into existence by a newsroom full of snarky editors at the Daytona Beach News-Journal. Some of that snark included assurances that Twitter was just a fad and that I needed to stop tinkering and get back to work!

I found my way to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and served in a strategic communications position focused on project management, process improvement, and executive and strategic communications.

In 2011, I joined Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as a digital communications team leader in Information Technology; I oversaw a team of more than two dozen digital creative specialists and web developers.

I founded the Digital Communications Group in November 2018 to help marketing teams and agencies find and leverage the digital and technology resources needed to operate in today’s digital-first culture.

To that end, I have recently launched the marketer’s knowledge base. MartechKB.com is designed to help marketing and communications professionals cut through the chaos and find the right tool for the right job without a headache.

In 2020 I completed a master’s degree in Digital Media Design from Harvard University and a master’s in Internet Marketing from Full sail University in 2011. I am also a proud graduate of the University of North Florida’s Communications Program.

I continue to work in the communications and design space and hope to focus my career more holistically on conversation design and user strategy.

If you what to chat about chat about the conversation design, the ethical and efficient use of data, or improving the user journey, please reach out! Chrissy.clary@gmail.com.