The power is in the connection

There are few things less stressful than being on deadline and unable to reach a source. As I frantically tried to dig up Ned Harper’s phone number so I could finish a story I thought what the heck let’s try Facebook.

I found Harper and shot off a quick urgent message. In less than two minutes my phone rang.

The power of the Internet is not in the technology or the wires it is in the immediate connection of humans.

It was obvious by the overwhelming turnout at a social networking workshop held over the summer, presented by the Small Business Development Center, that the Internet is rapidly changing the face of local business. There is no question about if a business should participate in social media, it now it is a matter of how.

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Who is the web site manager and what do they do?

Prior to developing a new website it’s important for leadership to devote adequate, professional resources to the project. “The Internet is by far the most important medium in the lives of consumers, but companies continue to under invest in their online marketing efforts (Digital influence Study, 2008).

In Production: During the development of a site a skilled manager will act as liaison to the IT department as the team develops the site architecture and physically constructs the site.

To supervise this aspect of the project the site manager must have a strong understanding of the technical aspects of web development, site usability and search engine optimization practices.

Content Management: Once site construction is complete the site manager’s role may change to content manager. Much like a managing editor in a newspaper newsroom, the site manager will decide what stories should be featured and promoted.

To perform this function the site manager will need to have strong writing and editing skills, and a good sense for what stories are timely and newsworthy.

Site monitoring:  The site manager will also shoulder the responsibility for monitoring the success of the site using metrics. Mmetrics will indicate the amount of traffic on a site or a particular page of a site, and the flow of users as they use the site. Monitoring site metrics will assist the manager in identifying areas needing process improvements. Low metrics can indicate that the site has poor usability, bad content or is being inadequately marketed.

The site manager will need to have a strong understanding of web analytics, what the numbers indicate and how to make technical or content adjustments as necessary.

The best $15 I spend each week

Dancing at the laundromat
Dancing at the laundromat,

My head is swimming a bit today. In a semi random occurrence I was selected to assist with President Obama’s visit to Kennedy Space Center.

I also received a call about a Naval Reserve Application package I submitted. I thought the application was dead in the water but they (the NAVY) called and asked if they could resubmit it.

Then there was the followup call about a proposal I submitted for an online marketing plan to the City of Daytona Beach (they are totally interested, very cool).

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Photos: Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s Gold Coast

Flowers in Northern Costa rica

This is a collection of images I captured while visiting Costa Rica in 2009. The images were taken in the North Pacific Region, or the Guanacaste Region (map).

“Guanacaste is known as Costa Rica’s “Gold Coast.” And it’s not because this is where the Spaniards found vast quantities of the shiny soft metal ore. Instead, it’s because more and more visitors to Costa Rica are choosing Guanacaste as their first — and often only — stop. Beautiful beaches abound along this coastline. Some are still pristine and deserted, some are packed with a mix of hotels and resorts, and others are backed by small fishing villages. Choices range from long, broad stretches of sand to tiny pocket coves bordered by rocky headlands.”  Excerpted from Frommer’s Costa Rica 2009  Continue reading “Photos: Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s Gold Coast”


She was married the first time when she was 13 or 14 years old. She was born in South Georgia to Olie and Albert. And at last count she was married five times to four different men.

She passed away about six years ago now.  I love her, and I miss her.

Alice was my grandmother.

She possessed a restless sprit and an infectious laugh.

Her ability to laugh and make others laugh more often than not allowed her to cover any pain she may have harbored.