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Usability Testing of Fruit

If you build something they may come, but if it does not work well for them they will leave. Make sure anything you are designing focuses on the human need.

This video of usability testing on fruit, borrowed from Blink UX,  takes a fun look a the process. Enjoy!

Misconceptions in Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not the silver bullet for online marking, and it ain’t easy, but these days it should be a part of your marketing efforts. The big misconception is that your customers will go directly from reading your content to purchase your product. When that does not happen it is easy to give up.

Content Marketing is about building awareness and being a voice in the market. It is about introducing your brand to your potential audience and building a relationship with them. The only difference between content marketing and traditional networking and PR efforts is that you can do it from home in your PJs.

Video borrowed from SEO MOZ’s Whiteboard Friday series

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What the heck are technical requirements and how do I get some?

So, you want to build a website or an application, and some tech/geek is at your door asking for technical requirements. What do you do?

Don’t panic.

A project manager with strong technical skills could help you navigate the task, but just in case you find yourself in a new found project manager role, here are four tips:

1technical-requirements21. Keep an eye on the prize
The key to getting the technical requirements right is to focus on your project goals first.

Clearly identify what your outcomes should be and get feedback from your stakeholders. If you don’t know what your goals or outcomes should be, your project will be all over the place and it will have a hard time getting off the ground.

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What is Purpose Driven Communications?

In a nutshell it is communicating with an identified purpose. It is when you decide — prior to hiring designers, prior to identifying your target audience and prior to developing a quip tag line — to clearly identify and support the goals of your organization through the use of communication techniques. To be clear we are not talking about your communication goals we are talking about the goals of the organization you are communicating for.I know that sounds obvious and basic, and maybe it is. But I have seen, all too often, professional communicators who work reactively, not proactively and who tend to communicate purely for the sake of communicating.

If every decision you make does not strategically support the goals of your company than you run the risk of wasting money and energy. Once you identify the purpose you will have an easier time developing targeted, effective messages and identifying the audience to which you should deliver those messages.


Quick Social Marketing Tips

Quality over quantity: If what you are posting is not interesting or relevant than just don’t do it. People go online to be informed or be entertained; shoving coupons and advertisements at them will turn them off. Most important, your messages should be consistent, relevant and timely.

Identify your Audience: Know who your audience is and where they are communicating. There are lots of social media channels make sure if you are putting in the time you are in the right place. Forums and blogs often have more targeted audiences, so participating in those conversations may help you better reach your intended demographic.

If you are going to do it, than do it: No one likes fair-weather friends so if you are going to participate in the conversation you need to stick with it.

Don’t over extend yourself: Don’t hesitate to start small, maybe with one forum or community, to see how well it works for you. This will also help for future online communications planning by giving you an understanding of what is required for a successful program.

If at first you don’t succeed, try something new: Don’t be afraid to experiment, each business needs to develop a plan that fits their needs. Marketing plans need to stay flexible and evolving to keep up with advancing technology.

Guard you message: Just because it is happening fast you should not sacrifice your brand. The personalities that you create to communicate online need to be in line with the image you hope to present for your business.

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